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The Centre promotes excellence in research into translation-related areas, and seeks to develop research in the still pioneering area of cultural translation. Postcoloniality and posthumanism in literature and film are two main areas of investigation. In these current contexts, the ever-increasing contact between languages, societies and cultures raises new questions about the construction of (trans)national identity through language and how this is shaped in intercultural and transcultural transactions. This requires fresh ways of approaching research and its impact on the wider community.

Such interconnectivities are the focal point of this centre, and may be articulated through a series of shared themes:

  • Media translation
  • Developments in accessibility to the media
  • Translation and language learning
  • Cultural translation and boundaries breaking
  • Postcolonial and posthuman cultures in comparative literature, film and translation
  • Developments in accessibility to the media
  • Development in language and translation-related technologies
  • Language/s, society and transcultural processes and practices

The Centre is hosted in a vibrant postgraduate environment, offering internationally recognised courses such as the MA in Audiovisual Translation and research degrees.


Translation Networking Group

The translation networking group meets on a regular basis at University of Roehampton. It is organised by postgraduate students and intended for both translation students and academics who wish to participate. Professional translation issues, translation articles and books, issues relating to linguistic and cultural transfer in films are discussed in the group, which is open to participants outside the University of Roehampton who work or are interested in translation. It offers excellent opportunities to network among your peers and to discuss translation-related texts. 
For further details contact Lucile Desblache.

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Translation Networking Group