FOCUS - Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter, FOCUS offers insights on the research activities of Drama Theatre and Performance staff. It examines and details specific aspects of staff research projects, using different kinds of material (texts, interviews, videos, pictures, sound files ...) to build a rich and diverse sense of the resonances of cutting edge research in Drama, Theatre and Performance.

Focus is a project run by DTP's research projects officer.

FOCUS #1 – October 2013 here

FOCUS #2 – January 2014 here

FOCUS #3 – April 2014 here

FOCUS #4 – October 2014 here

FOCUS #5 – January 2015 here

FOCUS #6 – April 2015 here

For more information and to join our newsletter, please contact:
Dr Johanna Linsley
Research Projects Officer (part-time)
Tel: +44 (0)20 8392 3564
Email : johanna.linsley@roehampton.ac.uk