PhD Students

Zara-Angela Abbas
The effects of augmented feedback on motor learning in sport; Supervisors: Adam Bruton, Luke Felton, Richard Mackenzie.

Oana Ancu
B-cell function and insulin resistance in pre-diabetic populations. Myokine expression and secretion from human skeletal muscle cells and their cross talk with the pancreas; Supervisors: Richard Mackenzie, Nick Hurren, Astrid Hauge Evans.

Miranda Asher
Development and validation of an exercise program to enable amputees to participate in recreational exercise and sport. Supervisor: Siobhan Strike, Ceri Diss.

Richie Barclay

The role of inositol hexakisphosphate Kinase 1 (IP6K1) in insulin-like growth factor signalling and myofibril protein synthesis - nutrition & exercise; Supervisors: Richard Mackenzie, Chris Tyler, Neale Tillin.

Federico Castelli
The neuromechanics of explosive muscle contractions: mechanisms, adaptations to training, and relevance to performance. Supervisors: Neale Tillin, Ceri Diss, Omar Mian.

Samantha Chye
The effects of combined action observation and motor imagery on self-efficacy and learning in brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes. Supervisors: Adam Bruton, Ceri Diss, David Shearer.

Sonja Cimelli
Landing mechanics and lower limb injury in dancers. Supervisors: Andrew Greene, Omar Mian.

Fulvia Draicchio
Hyperinsulimic clamps, mass spectrometry-based metabolic profiling, molecular cell signaling, imaging, as well as in vivo and in vitro physiology to understand the disease processes implicated in type 2 diabetes; Supervisors: Richard Mackenzie, Nick Hurren, Volker Behrends.

Ralph Gordon
Effects of hot environmental temperatures on skeletal muscle neuromuscular function in-vivo; Supervisors: Neale Tillin, Chris Tyler, Ceri Diss.

Enda King
3D biomechanical analysis of athletes returning to play after primary anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; Supervisor: Siobhan Strike.

Ciaran McFadden
The efficacy of a cluster based approach for identifying/understanding movement pattern pathologies in individuals with an ACLR; Supervisor: Siobhan Strike.

Jodie Moss
The effect of manipulating physiological and perceptual thermal strain on exercise in the heat; Supervisors: Chris Tyler, Steven Trangmar, Richard Mackenzie.

Sarah Moudy
Changes in lower limb joint coordination and loading in unilateral trans-tibial amputees; Supervisors: Siobhan Strike, Neale Tillin. 

Amy Sibley
Quadriceps neuromuscular function in unilateral trans-tibial amputees: a model of long-term muscle disuse; Supervisors: Neale Tillin, Siobhan Strike.

MRes Students

Mattia di Bilo
Application of the critical power model of endurance performance to change of direction running; Supervisor: Neale Tillin.

Karl Littardi
Testing an alternative method for quality of life assessment in physically active and inactive populations; Supervisor: Adam Bruton.

Jose Alonzo Pardo Martinez
Using an isoperformance curve model to predict high working rates and profile running economy in soccer; Supervisor: Chris Tyler.