2016 Conference papers and presentations

Keynote Address: Professor Ronald Barnett, Becoming a Twenty-first Century Student


Session 1: Hugh Mannerings (HEA, York) Reviewing your practice with the HEA's "Employability Framework"

Session 2: Bryony Hoskins (University of Roehampton) Learning Active Citizenship using IPADS, Political Blogs and Social Media

Session 3: Sue McKinney (University of Roehampton) Exploring the experiences of Higher Education students living off campus in an inner London estate as part of their university experience

Session 4: Carrie Winstanley & Sue Smedley (University of Roehampton) Do you see what I see? Student and staff perceptions of assessment and feedback

Session 5: Leonard Holmes (University of Roehampton) The student journey as an emergent-identity project

Session 6: Alison Randall, Sandra Celada, Ralph Denny & Steven Howlett (University of Roehampton) Making reading lists work (session 1 of 3)

Session 7: Andreas Rambow (Schiller International University, Paris) The Importance of Mobile Learning in the University Classroom

Session 8: Kevin McCarron (University of Roehampton) Safe Spaces and Single Spacing

Session 9: Joe MacDonagh (IT Tallaght, Dublin). Working with undergraduate degree students to develop effective coping strategies - an empirical study on student retention and progression

Session 10: Noor Abdulghani, Gary Corcoran, Emily Rotchell, Suzi Hall & David Steedman (University of Roehampton) Using Nearpod to interact with students

Session 11: Alison Randall & Sandra Celada (University of Roehampton) Using your online Resource Lists – introductory session (session 2 of 3)

Session 12: PART A: Jon Loewenthal (Oxford Brookes University) The Implications of Higher Education upon Graduates’ Immediate and Imagined Futures

PART B: Bridget Middlemas & Clara Ines Rubiano Zornosa (University of Roehampton) The student learning journey – the impact of students' previous academic backgrounds on current engagement and progress

Session 13: Christina Evans & Steven Howlett (University of Roehampton) No time to pause: a Programme Based Approach to Redesigning Business School Programmes

Session 14: PART A: Janek Dubowski (University of Roehampton) The ‘mapping’ of employability competencies onto the curriculum

PART B: Emerick Kaitell (University of Roehampton) Connecting employability to a degree

Session 15: Jo Peat & Carrie Winstanley (University of Roehampton) Serious about learning; serious about play

Session 16: Alison Randall & Sandra Celada (University of Roehampton) Using your online resource lists – refresher session (session 3 of 3)

Session 17: Gina Pauli, Brett Raymond-Barker (University of Roehampton) & Marcia Worrell (University of West London) Introducing the Students-asPartners project: Evidence-based pedagogies for graduate skills development and employability

Session 18: Tim Harris & Donna Corr (QA Higher Education) Life beyond PowerPoint – an interactive induction

Session 19: Finola Farrant (University of Roehampton) Thinking critically about employability

Session 20: Souad Slyman (University of Roehampton) Using technology to support learning: How can teaching practice be enhanced/developed

Session 21: Crystal Cooper & Bridget Middlemas (University of Roehampton) Tracking Student Progress and Engagement in Moodle