The University works in partnership with students to enhance learning and teaching. The centre often works directly within departments or across the university in dialogue with students. Student views are then taken back to programme teams to help us improve the student experience.

Students work with us in a variety of ways; as interns, leading projects around teaching and learning. On interview and validation panels, and in focus groups to share their news on learning and teaching at Roehampton University.

Programme Representatives

Key to the student voice at Roehampton are the programme representatives.

Every programme has a Programme Representative from each year who liaises with academic staff and students on academic matters, and the student experiences of the programme. Every year the University holds a conference which brings all Programme Reps together to share ideas and clarify key messages for the University. Typical issues for students have been speedy feedback on assessed work, and links with employers. Big changes have been made in response. If you would like to become a Programme Representative please contact the RSU (Roehampton Students Union) on their web page.

Student Surveys

National surveys take place every year in higher education, no matter what your level of study. For undergraduates there us the National Student Survey.

The National Student Survey showed that our students are more satisfied than ever, with our satisfaction score at 86%.

Students are particularly pleased with the the high quality of teaching on their courses (87%). (NSS results 2014). For postgraduate students on taught courses, there is the Postgraduate taught experience survey, and for research students the postgraduate research experience survey. All of these allow your voice to be heard and acted on. To drive change and enhance your time at Roehampton.

Module Evaluations

Before the end of every module, all students are invited to give us their anonymous feedback on teaching, student support, resources and assessment. In this way we can find out how students are experiencing the teaching and assessment at Roehampton and thus make changes where they are required.

Student-led Teaching Awards

Annually, the Roehampton Students Union organises a Student-Led Teaching Awards scheme hosting the nominations via an on-line survey. We received over 100 nominations last year from students in all departments and colleges.

The winners in 2013/14 were:

Student Led Teaching Awards

Most Inspirational Lecturer – Carrie Winstanley
'Carrie. Through her animated and engaging lecturing technique, there was never a dull moment in Carrie's seminars. Her fervour for the subject was clear, which in turn made me more enthusiastic'

Best Lecturer for Assessment & Feedback x 2 – Tony Evans . Jane Carroll
'Tony Evans provides fair and constructive feedback and always has an open door policy for any questions'

'I felt that I could approach Jane outside of timetabled class, and that she was easy to talk to being understanding of issues that took place outside of her lecture. She was also approachable when seeking advice about an assignment, it being a plus that the books on her course were enjoyable to read!'

Best Academic Support Staff – Claire Griffin
Claire makes you feel like anything is possible ad her feedback is critical yet constructive. she is clear and to the point…no beating around the bush. excellent!!!'

Best Undergraduate Programme – Dance
Dance students commented on the inspirational teaching on the programme and the dedication of the academics to their students.

Best Postgraduate Programme – Children's Literature
'MA in Children's Literature - academically stimulating and great fun'

'Jenny Watt - Always bright & helpful'

Best Programme Rep – Jake Bourgaize
'Visible and hard working'

'Takes action and gets things done'

'Very approachable, happy and quick to help with any questions or problems.'

Best Research Supervisor – Alison Waller
'Dr Alison Waller - incredibly knowledgeable, Alison has an excellent manner (she is always calm and gentle), while offering firm and perceptive guidance.'

Best member of Staff (overall) – Edward Collins
'Edward Collins (business school) has helped me no end. He has gone the extra mile to support me even outside of his modules.'

'Ed is the most passionate, engaging teacher in the Business School.'