Postprandial glucose and gastrointestinal hormone responses related to hunger and satiety after the intake of prebiotic foods in health and disease

Fork taking food from plate

Staff: Adele Costabile, Richard Mackenzie, Michael Patterson, Steve Trangmar

Description: The project aims to investigate the appetite ratings, postprandial glucose, and gastro-intestinal hormone responses related to hunger and satiety after the intake of a snack formulated with different prebiotic fibre. We hypothesized that the test-snack would lower glucose and reduce appetite compared to a control-snack. A strong mechanistic understanding of how different forms of dietary fibre influence health will inform the development future research projects and intervention studies that increase nutritional understanding of foods and ingredients. This Project will encourage researchers to study more complex matrices and explore interactions rather than individual components in isolation. It will provide knowledge that will enable nutritionists to develop strategies that improve the health impact of different foodstuffs, and progress the development of novel interventions that improve glycaemic control. The knowledge generated here will be useful for researchers in pharmaceutical and drug delivery to understand food:drug interactions and controlled delivery.

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