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Welcome from the Head of College

Welcome to Digby Stuart College! I am so pleased that you are going to join our College community. It is important to me that you feel part of the life of the College as it will be your additional home for the time that you are studying at Roehampton. The ethos of the College is based on social justice and equality and all Digby Stuart students can expect to be treated with dignity and kindness. The Society of the Sacred Heart founded the College in 1874 and the commitment to the education of young people shown by the Sisters is as important now as it was then. 

The College team are all here to support your academic endeavours by providing an environment where you can flourish and develop. Co-curricular activity can be as rewarding as study and there are lots of opportunities to find out about new things through volunteering, sports, social life and College cup challenges. We are also here to support you if you face any kind of difficulty or challenge. If there is anything that is troubling you we want to hear about it and help to put things right. 

There is building work on the College creating new student accommodation and a library.  The accommodation will be ready for students by September 2016 and the library will be in use by the following summer.  This investment in the future of the College will provide first class accommodation and teaching rooms, along with a state of the art library, giving Roehampton students the best facilities on offer.  You belong to a thriving, growing College that you can be proud of now and in the future.

Whether you live on or off campus there are many ways to get involved and so make sure to sign up to Facebook and Twitter for the College and your student representative team.

Jackie Brown
Head of Digby Stuart College

Jackie Brown
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