Providers of off-campus accommodation


Some landlords have a vast number of properties and others may only have one property to rent. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types. The landlords with multiple properties may have a less personal although more professional approach and the smaller landlords can sometimes offer more of a home away from home. All the landlords advertising on our web page Studentpad have signed a Code of Standards with the University and we maintain a good working relationship with them. Also Landlords advertising on Studentpad will not charge you any admin fees. You are strongly advised to try and secure your accommodation through Studentpad for these reasons.


This is where you rent a room in a private house where the owner is living. Although a deposit is generally requested, the owner is not obliged to register it with a deposit scheme. This accommodation often offers a more flexible and personable approach. It tends to suit those looking for a shorter stay or those wishing to improve their English. There are a number of lodgings advertised on Studentpad.

Letting agents

Letting agents act on behalf of the landlord. If you rent a property through a letting agent, you will usually have to pay an admin fee, in addition to the deposit and rent. The Admin Fee covers items such as 'contract arrangement fee', 'administration charges', 'agent finder's fee', 'referencing fee', 'inventory and check-in/checkout fee'. It is important that you ask about fees before you part with any money – make sure you are clear about charges.

Good agents will be members of a professional body. Three of the most reputable are:

  1. ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents):
  2. NALS (National Approved Letting Scheme):
  3. NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents):

If you want to look for accommodation through Letting Agents, please ask the Off-Campus Accommodation office for a list of recommended Letting Agents who offer discounted admin fees to Roehampton University students.

Searching on the Internet

3 popular websites are:


CAUTION: Fraudsters will often target students and in particular, international students through adverts on these sites. An advert will be placed for a property on an accommodation website which will seem too good to be true, for example, a spacious room in 3 bed luxury flat on Roehampton Lane for £50 per week. Often the person advertising has no right to let the property and sometimes the property does not even exist.

If you are asked to send money as a deposit to the advertiser without having viewed the property – DO NOT DO IT.

Also do not agree to send money using Western Union or Moneygram to your own friend or relative "to prove that you have sufficient funds". With the tracking information you give them, the fraudster can steal your money.

Fraud warning

A warning from the MET Police