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Welcome to the Alumni Association

Graduation for Class of 2020

All information regarding your ceremony will be sent to your email, so please ensure that you keep your details up to date. General graduation information is updated regularly on our dedicated Graduation page.

Finding employment or further study

We understand the challenges graduates face because of the impact of Coronavirus, but it is now more important than ever to make sure you receive the right careers advice. There is a lot of help available to you as alumni whether this is help to find employment or advice about further study (and don’t forget you receive a 20% fee discount as alumni). We can help with interview practice, job search, CVs, internships and making connections and networks. You have lifetime membership of Careerlink, with access to thousands of job listings and one to one support.

Graduate Outcomes Survey

The Graduate Outcomes survey is a major UK wide survey which looks to understand whether you’re in employment, have continued with further study or are doing something else and to what extent your qualification played a part. All graduates from UK universities are surveyed 15 months after they leave. This means if you leave in the summer the survey will come to you at some point in the autumn the following year. You will hear about the survey by email and reminders by text. The alumni team will contact you about this important survey throughout your first year as alumni.

Wellbeing Support

We are aware of the importance wellbeing support may be to you as you enter a new phase in your life. You can book an appointment with the Wellbeing Team to find out what support is available to you. Contact for more information.

About the Roehampton Alumni Association

Former students are known as alumni. Once you leave Roehampton you are automatically part of our global Roehampton alumni network of 85,000 graduates, which entitles you to a range of benefits. Find out more by visiting the Alumni page.

Advice from our Alumni

Recently we reached out to a handful of our alumni to speak about their first year out of university and to impart any advice they may have for those currently entering life beyond education. Visit the Roehampton Blog to see what they had to say.