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WHAT is Roehampton Connect? 

Roehampton Connect is an online mentoring and networking platform for one-to-one advice and guidance from experienced professionals. This scheme is open to all Roehampton students and alumni seeking a professional mentor.  

WHY become a mentee on Roehampton Connect? 

  • Shorten the learning curve for acquiring the skills and knowledge to succeed in your career by having the ability to consult a mentor. 
  • Learn what employers are looking for in graduates and how you can hone your skills to match those requirements. 
  • Build the confidence to pursue your dream career by asking questions and advice to a mentor who works in that industry. 
  • Gain insight into your related field as well as the industry recruitment process and labour market. 
  • Expand your personal network which can lead to an introduction to a person or a job to help kick start your career.

HOW TO become a mentee on Roehampton Connect? 

  1. Go to create a profile.
    a. Sync your Roehampton Connect profile with your LinkedIn profile or…
    b. Create a profile from scratch, but be sure to include as much information as possible for the best experience possible (be sure to add a photo!) 
  2. Browse Roehampton Connect for possible mentors. Search by industry experience, location, or by your course of study. 
  3. Once you find a prospective mentor, click the “Send Mentoring Request” button on their profile and send them a personal message describing what you are looking for in a mentoring relationship.
  4. Once the mentor accepts your mentoring relationship, you are free to contact them depending on their chosen mode of communication (found under ‘Mentor Services’ section of their profile).  


  • Meeting online: Send your mentor a description of yourself, your career goals, and what you hope to gain from the mentoring experience. Be sure to ask pertinent questions that are well thought out. Always be open to receiving constructive feedback; they are there to help you! 
  • Meeting in person: Arrange a convenient time and place to meet with your mentor. TIP: Ask to meet in an office environment to get a feel for the workplace.Send your mentor a description of yourself, your career goals, and what you hope to gain from the mentoring experience. If you are going for coffee, offer to pay for their cup as a thank you for their time and effort.  
  • Length of the relationship: The length of the mentoring relationship is determined by the mentee and mentor. Please formally indicate when your mentoring relationship is completed on Roehampton Connect. The relationship is complete when the goals set in place at the beginning of the relationship are achieved! Then, fill provide feedback on your experience through the mentoring survey. If you feel there is more to be gained from the mentoring relationship, set new objectives and continue!  
  • Can I continue using Roehampton Connect after I graduate? Yes! All students will automatically stay on Roehampton Connect after graduation. Please be sure to update your email on your profile with your current details. You have the freedom to serve as a mentor, or continue to be a mentee.  

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