Roehampton Connect - Mentor

WHAT is Roehampton Connect? 

Roehampton Connect is an online mentoring and networking platform for one-to-one advice and guidance from experienced professionals. Alumni, staff and friends of the University are welcome to join as mentors. The scheme is open to all Roehampton students and alumni seeking a mentor.  

As a mentor, you will be working alongside a student or recent graduate. Typically the student will be prepared with questions and expectations of the mentoring relationship based on their own career development needs. It will be your role to provide support to enable the student to progress their career plan. You have the ability to choose the level of commitment you are willing to give and the number of mentees you are willing to have at a given time. Please do ensure that you are honest and practical with your commitment levels for the best possible experience for you and your mentee. 

HOW TO become a mentor on Roehampton Connect? 

  1. Go to create a profile. 
    a. Sync your Roehampton Connect profile with your LinkedIn profile or…
    b. Create a profile from scratch, but be sure to include as much information as possible for the best experience possible (be sure to add a photo!) 
  2. Mentees will browse Roehampton Connect for possible mentors. They can search by industry experience, location, or by their course of study. This is why it is vital to include all of your details in your profile and your level of commitment/what services you are willing to offer.  
  3. You will receive Mentoring Requests from mentees with a personal message describing what they are looking for in a mentoring relationship.
  4. You have the ability to accept or deny the mentee. Please only deny a mentee if they truly are asking for services that you cannot provide. Once the relationship is accepted, your mentee is free to contact you depending on your chosen mode of communication (found under ‘Mentor Services’ section of your profile).  
  5. If you ever need to ‘pause’ your mentoring service during periods of unavailability, simply go to your “Profile” page and click your “Mentor” tab. Then click the “Pause Mentoring” button.


  • Meeting online: Mentees are instructed to send a description of themselves, their career goals, and what they hope to gain from the mentoring experience to you in their first message. The rest is up to you! 
  • Meeting in person: If you are willing to meet in person, the mentee should ask for a convenient time and place to meet with you. TIP: Suggest meeting in an office environment so your mentee can get a feel for the workplace.Your mentee should still send a description of themselves, their career goals, and what they hope to gain from the mentoring experience prior to your meeting.  
  • Length of the relationship: The length of the mentoring relationship is determined by the mentee and mentor. Please formally indicate when your mentoring relationship is completed on Roehampton Connect. The relationship is complete when the goals set in place at the beginning of the relationship are achieved! Then, fill provide feedback on your experience through the mentoring survey. If you feel there is more to be gained from the mentoring relationship, set new objectives and continue!  

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