Roehampton Law School hosts UK and Ireland human rights workshop at Roehampton

  • Thursday, March 8, 2018

Roehampton Law School is hosting ‘Economic and Social Rights Academic Network for the UK and Ireland’ a workshop relating to rights such as the as the right to housing, education, employment, an adequate standard of living, health care and social security.

On Friday 9 March, the University of Roehampton’s Law School will welcome pioneering scholars and experts in human rights law. Hosted by Roehampton’s Dr Katie Boyle, the discussion will include human rights academics from across the UK, Ireland and further afield.  Dr Katie Boyle has recently been appointed as a member of an expert panel to advise the Scottish Government on Human Rights.

Dr Katie Boyle said ‘The purpose of the event is to facilitate discussion and share research—an opportunity to engage across jurisdictions and to engage with the wider discourse on social rights domestically and internationally. It is wonderful that Roehampton is the venue in which these discussions are taking place’.

The agenda for the day includes discussions on social rights practice and theory with academic papers from experts in the field.

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