University to unveil Bloomberg Trading Room

  • Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The University will unveil a Bloomberg Trading Room this September especially for students studying at Roehampton Business School within the Faculty of Business and Law.  

Image - University to unveil Bloomberg Trading Room

One of the Terminals in the new Trading Room will be sponsored by Pemberton Asset Management as part of their agenda for promoting evidence-based management and access to education.

The Bloomberg Terminals in the Trading room will provide students with the opportunity to work with one of the most widely-used financial services system software.

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law, Professor Sunitha Narendran, said: “We are grateful for Pemberton's contribution to our students’ learning journey towards their future careers.”

“Our students will learn how to use important analytical functions in the Terminal, conduct economic research and analysis, and benefit from a wide-range of pre-built analytical models.”

Symon Drake-Brockman, Managing Partner at Pemberton said: “I very much look forward to seeing the Bloomberg Trading Room come to life, as it will support the career aspirations of students, and help increase diversity in the financial services sector.”

“I am keen that the partnership between Pemberton and the university continues to develop over the years and helps provide more opportunities to Roehampton students.”