How do you know which college you are a member of here at Roehampton?

Each student is assigned a College when they begin studying and it depends on two factors. If you live on campus in your first year then you automatically become a student of the college that accommodation block is linked too. This is primarily based on location and when you pick your keys up when you move in you’ll be welcomed by your college at arrival. This college is yours throughout your degree even if you move off campus.

What if you don’t live on campus in your first year?

Don’t worry you’re still a member of a College! Your College will be decided on what course you are studying, and will generally be the College in which the majority of your teaching takes place. Again this College would be yours throughout your time at Roehampton no matter where you might live in later years. Each College lists which academic departments are housed within them on their webpages but this quick guide may also help:

Can I change College?

Yes changing College is possible. You can change College by heading into your current college office and asking for a change of College form. You’ll need to get this signed by the new College you would like to join and hand it back to your College office to get it confirmed. Alternatively you can request a change of College on our website.