Student Leaders

At Southlands we want to empower students to become leaders, both at University and beyond. To enable this, we strive to encourage all levels of students to get involved in activities and apply for roles in their academic life and in all they do.

College Community Leaders (CCLs)

Our College Community Leaders are peer student leaders in the college who are here to help foster community spirit; that wonderful sense of belonging that makes being part of Southlands special!

So, you’ll see the CCL team facilitating events and activities of all kinds to enhance your university experience. Your ideas are always welcome and they’re happy to chat with you about what you’d like to see in terms of amenities or activities in the college!

The CCL team is made up of individuals who represent home and international students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, whether resident in college or commuting from home. They’re a friendly bunch, and are here to support you, so please do have a chat with them!

Email or visit College Community Hub at QB010 to contact the CCL team.


College Community Leaders in the College Community Hub (QB010)

Flat Reps

Almost every flat in college where first year students live will have a Flat Rep. Flat Reps are usually second or third year students who live with our new residents to help provide a friendly and supportive welcome at the start of term and to offer advice and guidance throughout the year.

If you are living in college and have any questions about how to seek help, advice or support at the university, start with your Flat Rep. They will often be able to provide you with some initial advice and let you know which members of staff can help you further.

Flat Reps aren’t appointed to police our flats, but we do ask them to take a leadership role in building a happy and friendly flat environment. They receive training at the start of the year and participate in a development programme which provides them with the resources and skills to make your experience of living in college accommodation a happy and positive one. Residents of our college flats should feel welcome to talk to their Flat Rep about the community environment and should expect a positive, helpful and supportive response.

Student Elected Officers

Each college has Student Elected Officers, further details about how to become one can be found on the Roehampton Students Union website.

The 2020/21 Student Elected Officers for Southlands College are:

Matt Gnanakumar
College President


Ray Hadnett
Deputy College President



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College Community Leaders held a Winter Wonderland in The Reef