Wellbeing and Support

By being part of a college, we hope that you come to feel like this small community is a place of belonging, where you are supported throughout your time at Roehampton to achieve the most you can.

We are committed to supporting your wellbeing, and work in close partnership with the university’s central services to provide a wide range of support for our students.

For more information on Student Support and a list of our services, please visit: https://www.roehampton.ac.uk/student-support/

There you will find a variety of support services, such as:

  • Disability Services
  • Wellbeing
  • Studying
  • Mature Students Support
  • Careers
  • Support for Care Leavers
  • Financial Support
  • Wardens

Each college has its own Student Wellbeing Officers (SWO). Colin Symington-Bailey and Farhia Abukar are your Southlands College Wellbeing Officers and is here as your first port of call if you are facing any difficulties, uncertainties, or anxieties.

Colin Symington-Bailey  and Farhia Abukar Student Wellbeing Officers
Colin Symington-Bailey and Farhia Abukar Student Wellbeing Officers

No problem is too big or too small – if it’s worrying you it’s a problem. You can make one-to-one appointments with a SWO, and there are also weekly drop-in (in-person and online) sessions with Wellbeing Officers, which you can book here.


College Wardens are postgraduate students residing on campus, who work closely with your College Team, to make sure people are supported in the College Community.

College Wardens provide out-of-hours wellbeing support when there is an emergency or crisis, if needed. You can speak to the Wardens by calling Security on ext.3333 using an internal phone, or call directly only 0208 392 3333.

At Southlands, your College Warden will support you alongside your Flat Reps, SCCLs and others in the team, to make sure you feel listened to, safe, looked after, get on well with others and follow the student code of conduct.