Meet the Whitelands Team

Below you'll find information on the staff and elected officers that work hard to help run Whitelands College. Feel free to contact them with your questions or arrange a meeting with them to discuss any issues related to Whitelands College, they will be more than happy to help you.

If you have any doubts on who to contact then you can always drop your email to the general college email address at and the right member of staff will get back to you.

College Staff

The staff of the college work for the University of Roehampton to support students, create a community amongst students and staff at the college and be on hand to support in their various different ways.

Mark Garner

Head of College, Dr. Rev. Mark Garner

The Head of the College oversees the development of the College from a strategic level and takes part in formal events and happenings throughout the year. Mark also oversees any disputes and disciplinary action that takes place within the college grounds. If you'd like to meet with Mark then please contact the college office to arrange an appointment. 
Contact Mark
Office: G046 – G047, Right off main reception opposite the cash machine

College Life Development Officer, Paul Coward

As the College Life Development Officer, Paul works with all members of the college team to help coordinate the work of the college and logistics of its running day to day and its special events. He also supports the development of their work and helps to communicate what they do to the students, staff and alumni of Whitelands. 

Paul is often the first point of contact if you need help with anything such as college clothing, college events, or if you'd just like a locker. If you're not sure who to ask then get in contact with Paul and he can point you in the right direction.
Email Paul
College Office Phone: 0208392 3511
Office: G047, Right off main reception opposite the cash machine

Welfare Officer, Sophie Cutforth

The Welfare Officer is there for you when you might have unexpected issues that could be affecting you while at University. The issue could vary from almost anything, run into money problems, struggling to concentrate on studying or simply just struggling to just get a good night's sleep. Sophie is able to direct you to additional support available within the University or off-campus when appropriate. Sophie can be found in her office in the cabins outside Whitelands, or you can arrange an appointment by contacting her on the details below. 

Email Sophie
Welfare Phone: 0208392 3502
Office: The Foundry 006, Part of the Whitelands car park cabins

Daniel Eshun

Chaplain, Daniel Eshun

Daniel is Whitelands local chaplain who is there to support you with any faith related needs you might have. He comes from the Church of England himself, but is happy to discuss all faiths and beliefs with anyone, and he can also easily put you in contact with one of the many other chaplains that Roehampton has across campus. Drop him an email below if you'd like to make an appointment to see him, or find him the College Chaplaincy. 
Contact Daniel
Phone: 020392 3516
Office: Chaplaincy Office, Left off main reception then left again

Flora Petrakou

College Tutor, Flora Petrakou

Our College tutor is the out of hours welfare support for students that might need it past normal working hours. The college tutor is contacted and brought into situations by the university security team if they believe a student might need a bit of extra support in a situation on campus. Flora also works with the College team to develop a range of postgraduate activites at the college and can be contacted on the email below.
Contact Flora

Student Elected Officers

The student elected officers are elected by the students of Roehampton to represent them in various ways and to help build and develop the community at Whitelands in partnership with the RSU and College staff.

College President and May Monarch 

Qusai Khraisha

The Whitelands May Monarch is a unique position to Whitelands, and their duty is to raise money at the College for their nominated charity for the year. The position is elected each year in December time and they begin their reign in May.

College Social Secretary, Sheena B

The Whitelands College Social Secretary looks after the social calendar of the College, and is key to leading discussions and developing ideas for social events at the College.  If you have an idea for a college social night or events then contact Sheena.