For prospective collaborative partners

Graduating alumni at London's Southbank

We are committed to transforming lives around the globe by creating new and sustainable partnerships with organisations who align with our values. We are determined to build a dynamic network of collaborative partners, both at home and abroad, to allow more people to benefit from a Roehampton education.

Benefits of working with us

  • We are forward thinking in how we deliver our services
  • We have a dedicated and growing Partnerships Office
  • We will be ambitious in creating new subject areas and innovative in our existing curriculum
  • We are committed to significantly expanding our overseas activities
  • We are dedicated to introducing new opportunities for students to learn in different ways, through new flexible degrees

To find out more about collaborative work, please download our brochure.


To contact us directly about new partnership opportunities, please email us at:

How to establish collaborative partnerships

Collaborative partnerships may take a number of forms and may be initiated by a prospective partner approaching the University centrally, or an academic Department directly. The development and approval of such partnerships involves a number of stages from the initial strategic approval to the more detailed consideration of the proposal, including a partnership approval visit as part of the process. It is further supported by a set of forms (labelled A-H) to evidence the various stages of the development.

Partnership process and flowchart