Password self service (URPass)

All University of Roehampton staff and students can now use the link below to register for password self-service (URPass).

Once you have registered on URPass you can use it at any time if you forget your password, need to change your password or are locked out of your account.

When you click on the link for URPass to register you will need to enter the following:

  1. Your University of Roehampton email address (if you don’t have a University of Roehampton email address use your 
  2. A working password 


The process is simple but if you have any issues, the videos at the bottom of the page will help.

Register for URPass  

*This only takes a few minutes - you can register your phones etc. to confirm your identity should you forget your password.

Use URPass to change a forgotten or lost password  

*You can only use this option if you have already registered for URPass, so please take the time to register (via the link above).

Note the university password criteria below when composing your new password.

Change a known password  

*Use this to change your known, working password e.g. if you suspect it has been compromised or you wish to change it to something easier to remember.

You can also go to this link by logging into your Microsoft Office365 home page | Settings (cogwheel) | Password.

Note the university password criteria below when composing your new password.

University password criteria

  • At least 8 characters long (max length 127 characters)
  • Passwords must contain characters from all of the following
    • Upper case letters: A through Z
    • Lower case letters: a through z
    • Numbers 0 to 9
  • 20 password changes are required before a previously used password can be re-used
  • Do not use any part of your name or username in your password

Contact information

If you need help contact the ServiceDesk
Phone: 020 8392 6000

How to register and reset your password using URPass

If you are registering or using the password self-service system for the first time please watch the below videos.