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Only the best teachers are good enough for the children and communities we serve. A key theme for the University of Roehampton this year is "Quality First". We will be Challenging, Supporting and offering Intervention at every stage of the training process. As we train new teachers we will be challenging ourselves, our partners and our trainees to be the best we can be at all in every part of the process of developing new teachers.

We have revised our Quality Assurance policies and practices to make sure that we rigorously maintain the aspirational standards that our partners, parents and pupils deserve and expect.

We want to continue supporting our partners. We continue to offer our highly rated quality training for mentors which has proved to have impact reaching beyond Initial Teacher Training with colleagues able to use their skills across the school. We have also revised the payments we make to hosts school recognising the huge importance of partners in training.

Last year most of our trainees got jobs in one of their placement schools. At a time when recruiting is challenging being actively engaged in training the next generation of teachers is clearly an investment in our profession and your community.

We look forward to working with you in 2016/17.

Our schools partnership priorities for the year are:

  • Improve the quality of in-school support for trainees through effective training, support, leadership and partnership.
  • Use the scheduled review of our BA Undergraduate programme to create an attractive three-year programme which responds to the current needs of both our trainees and our local schools.
  • Improve the quality assurance of our provision via enhanced monitoring, data analysis and self-evaluation to ensure consistency and rigour across all aspects of our provision.
  • Support national priorities by emphasising within the programmes the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics, literacy and mathematics; the management of behaviour; physical education and supporting pupils with EAL and SEND.
  • Maintain and further develop the role and function of the Strategic Management Board with school partners. 
  • Develop the support we offer Roehampton Newly Qualified Teachers to support successful transition through the first year of teaching.
  • Develop the professional expertise of the partnership to provide post-qualification professional development opportunities. 

"Roehampton always sets high expectations for trainees which, coupled with excellent preparation, supervision and development, leads to a happy placement experience for pupils, school and trainee."

Jo Ebnor
Headteacher, Thomas's Kensington 

"Working alongside Roehampton this year has given us a wide range of positive experiences. We have worked across the range of teacher training programmes and have enjoyed working with the trainees and their tutors. We have been able to develop close relationships which has proved invaluable for the trainees, our children and the development of our staff."

Lyndsy Killip
School Direct Programme Leader, Essendine School