Measuring our Progress

Partnerships and networks

London Higher sustainability network

The University of Roehampton has committed to London Higher sustainability pledge which seeks to build on ongoing sustainability work and share best practice amongst other higher education institutions.

Wimbledon Common and Royal Parks

The University has long-standing relationships with local stakeholders and charities (e.g. Royal Parks, Wimbledon and Putney Heath Commons, Friends of Richmond Park and the South East Rivers Trust). Zoology and Biological Sciences students regularly collect data, such as species catalogues, for local habitats (Putney heath and Beverly Brook) overseen by these charities.

Save our hedgehogs

The University or Roehampton is part of the hedgehog friendly campus campaign.

London Wetland Centre

The London Wetland Centre is a wildlife haven in an urban setting opened in 2000 just over a mile from the University, a peaceful place to learn, rest and create. In May 2022 the centre signed a corporate partnership with Roehampton. This comes at no cost to either party, and offers both students and staff a wide range of benefits:

  • Create volunteering, vocational and work experience opportunities for students and staff. Free trips have been organised, and vouchers can be given as staff/student prizes and rewards.
  • All departments can use the centre to ‘green’ their curricula by using the wetlands as a teaching resource. This ranges from creative and cultural courses, psychology, life sciences, and green business and third-sector learning opportunities. Group bookings can be made via the centre’s website:
  • Community building within the University and increased sense of belonging to Roehampton and the local area, opening up social learning and community learning resources, with attendance at fairs and other opportunities to exhibit on campus.
  • Utilise local conservation expertise and design work for the two major lakes as part of Roehampton's biodiversity project.
  • A £4 reduction in entry prices, costing just £9 for students, £11.50 for staff, plus opportunities to promote the new £2.50 monthly membership to those aged 18-24
  • Generate opportunities for research and knowledge exchange with a partner in London (WWT also has sister sites in Arundel and Slimbridge).
  • The relationship supports student leadership initiatives by providing resources to facilitate events.
  • Fosters a student community based around improving nature connectedness - this aims to alleviate the research that young people are amongst the most disconnected to nature.
  • Support good mental and physical health through access to green and blue spaces and nature connection generally. Where possible collaborate on cross-cultural events and activities that lower the barrier for a variety of people from different ages, ethnic backgrounds, abilities and faith groups. Ensuring people in the local area and in the borough feel welcome to access green and blue spaces for the betterment of their wellbeing, whether on the university campus or nature reserves like the London Wetland Centre.

To date the LWC has hosted numerous student and staff trips, including team-building, cultural and educational activities, has recruited several students to work as long-term volunteers at the site, has attended university fairs and markets, and brought its famous 3D floor mural to the University library as part of a nationwide tour.

University of Roehampton Students' Union (RSU) - Growhampton

The University is honoured to have the Growhampton food growing and sustainability project within its framework.  Growhampton, through their edible campus, seeks to inspire and engage students, staff and the Roehampton community with environmental sustainability issues, bring community partners and students together to learn about and have access to organic, ethical and locally-sourced food.

For more details on the amazing work of RSU Growhampton please see their website.

Roehampton Climate Network

The network seeks to organise public-facing events focused on staff research and showcase the research relating to the climate crisis being undertaken by Roehampton academics. It will also act as a focus for improving the University’s performance on reducing CO2 emissions and facilitating carbon-friendly lifestyles by our students.

For more information please view the network webpage.