We are committed to the protection and conservation of biodiversity and are lucky to have a considerable range of species and habitats across our campus.

Within our 24 hectares of land our habitats include an old and new orchard, three artificial lakes and an acid grassland . We also have a badger set, bee hives and a cave like habitat which supports one of the largest species of spider found in the UK: the European cave spider.

Biodiversity: bee hives, badger set and cave spiders

We also have an array of birds, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians including green woodpecker, nuthatch, whitethroat and smooth newt.

Our close proximity to Richmond Park, a National Nature Reserve and Wimbledon common provide us with the potential to be connected to an array of important species through a network of ecological corridors e.g. hedgerows, roadside verges.

We are currently looking to monitor and understand the species we have on our campus. If you have any records you would like to share with us please contact