We are a certified Fairtrade University which shows that we are committed to the Fairtrade ethos and support the use of Fairtrade products within our Estate.

Fairtrade products

In order to fulfil 'Fairtrade status' we help to ensure that as many Fairtrade products as possible are available at the University. We engage with staff and students to raise awareness about Fairtrade and we also run a series of events across Fairtrade Fortnight.

Our catering outlets also help us to fulfil our Fairtrade commitments by only supplying Fairtrade tea and coffee.

Various areas of the University which are particularly engaged in Fairtrade, include the Chaplaincy, who organise Fairtrade lunches and stalls, the Students Union and Growhampton.

To find out more about Fairtrade contact environment@roehampton.ac.uk