Honorary Fellowships of the University of Roehampton

The Fellowship is the highest award made by the University to individuals who have shown long term contribution to the life, community and values of Roehampton. Nominations for Fellowships are managed by Joint Honorary Awards Committee and ratified by Senate and Council.


Reggie Blennerhassett 


Sir David Bell

Sir David was former Chair of Council and is currently a Pro Chancellor at Roehampton.

David has an extensive history of senior executive and non-executive positions within the private, public and third sectors. He was appointed as Pro Chancellor in 2010. Sir David also served as Chair of the University Council from 2008 to 2020.


Professor Paul O'Prey
Paul was Vice-Chancellor at the University from 2004 to 2019.

The Very Reverend Dr John Hall

The Very Reverend John Hall was installed as the 38th Dean of Westminster in 2006. He became the Church of England's Chief Education Officer in 1998, with overall responsibility for the Church's strategy, policy and practice.

William Macintyre CB

William Macintyre is chairman of the Froebel Educational Institute and was appointed as the first ever Pro-Chancellor of the University of Roehampton in 2006. After his term ended, he was appointed a Fellow of the University in March 2012. Prior to his retirement he was a career civil servant in the Departments of Energy and Trade and Industry and has more than 30 years experience in public service, especially in its interface with business.

John Simpson CBE

John Simpson is the BBC's World Affairs Editor and was Chancellor of the University of Roehampton from 2005 until 2014, when he was made an Honorary Fellow of the University. His career at the BBC has spanned more than 40 years and has earned him a reputation as one of the most experienced and authoritative journalists.



  • Maggie Pittard


  • Carole Howlett


  • Professor David James
  • Dr Elizabeth Nelson OBE


  • Dr Susan Bailey
  • Michael Leigh
  • Reverend Canon David Peacock
  • Joan Sallis


  • Ann Thwaite


  • Linda Armstrong Chisholm
  • John Christopher Coleman
  • Christopher John Gorringe


  • Dr Keith Andrews
  • Mrs Lola Ayonrinde JP
  • Father Gerard Leo McLaughhlin
  • Lionel Jack Ross
  • Peter John Bert Wilson


  • John Tholstrup


  • Archbishop Michael George Bowen
  • Commander John Gilbert
  • Cy Grant
  • Dickie Grieve
  • Reverend Christopher Hughes-Smith
  • Lady Sophie Laws
  • Sister Velda Lee (deceased)


  • Sam Ramsamy


  • Rory Hands
  • J Douglas Milbank
  • Father Denis Ryan
  • Sydney Wooderson


  • Miss Jean A Hall
  • Dr Dhimitraq Skende


  • William Hart
  • Dr Sue Jennings
  • Miss Mollie Lloyd (deceased)
  • Ms Anita J Pollack
  • Miss Gillian Mary Redford
  • Donald Bentley Tranter


  • Sir William Bentley
  • Professor Victor Paananen


  • Sister Dorothy Bell
  • Miss Pauline Callard
  • Jacques Delacave


  • Reverend Douglas A Brown
  • E Dunstan-Roberts OBE (deceased)
  • Gerald RR East
  • Lady Parkes CBE


  • Mr Eugene Byrne
  • Reverend Donald English
  • Professor David Ingram CBE (deceased)
  • Professor Anthony Kelly CBE FRS
  • Kevin Keohane CBE KSG (deceased)
  • Professor WAC Stewart


  • Sister Vivien Bowman
  • Professor Terence R Lee
  • Miss Elsie Marshall
  • Alan Montefiore
  • Dr James Topping
  • Dr Gerhard Weiler