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School of Arts and School of Humanities

For the past few months, the University has been implementing a recovery plan to address the severe financial impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and we need to continue on this path to secure our long-term sustainability. To help secure our long-term sustainability, we are consulting on proposals to make savings in the School of Arts and School of Humanities where there has been a decline, over a number of years, in student numbers both nationally and at our own institution.

The proposed measures will put the Schools on a more sustainable footing to secure their future and allow the University to invest in academic areas where the student population is growing. Student recruitment trends for 2020/21 are likely to exacerbate imbalances in student population across our academic departments, which underlines the need to progress the proposed measures at this time to ensure that all subject areas of the university can continue to receive the resources they need.

For this reason, the University Council has endorsed a proposal to reduce the academic payroll in the School of Arts and the School of Humanities to bring them back onto a sustainable path. We have reopened a Voluntary Severance Scheme for the academic staff from these two Schools. We aim to secure the identified savings through voluntary measures. The significant majority of the academic staff employed across both Schools will continue in roles, even if the proposals are implemented fully, and we will continue to cross-subsidise these areas of our portfolio in the future.

Despite the savings we are consulting on, we continue to be committed to the arts and humanities and they play a vital role in our future. We are living and working through the most uncertain and unprecedented time in recent history and we need to act promptly and decisively to secure our future sustainability.

7 November 2020.

Roehampton statement on 'conditional unconditional' offers

We are determined that all of our admissions policies and practices are in the interests of students and compliant with consumer protection legislation.

We regularly review our admissions policy and consult our students annually on their experience of applying to us. Last year 95 per cent of our applicants were happy with their experience of applying to the university*.

We are committed to supporting both prospective and current students and we offer a wide range of initiatives and support schemes, including a scholarship programme for high-achieving students.

After a review, we no longer offer 'conditional unconditional' offers. We also continue to ensure that at every stage of the application process our admissions policies are clear, fair and in the best interests of students.

* 95% selected either satisfied or very satisfied in response to the question: Overall, how satisfied are you with the way Roehampton dealt with your application to study? (Applicant Survey 2018).

4 April 2019