Academic dress for graduation

Pre-book your Academic Gown

It is compulsory for all graduands to wear academic dress, comprising a black gown and, for some awards, a mortarboard and hood designed especially for Roehampton.

To hire for the day or to purchase robes, you must use the university's official robing company, Marston, either through their website or their telephone ordering service.

Your gown can be collected at the venue on the day of your ceremony, and is returned at the gown collection point. Gowns are tagged with your name, which is used as proof of return. Extended hire is also available should you wish to keep the gown for a week to take photos with friends and family who could not attend the ceremony.

Standard gowns and mortarboards are black, coupled with a green and gold hood. PhD gowns comprise of a maroon robe with green and gold trimming, a green and gold hood, and a black doctoral cap. As this is a formal event, we advise wearing smart attire.