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Graduation FAQs:


Where are the ceremonies held?
The ceremonies will be held at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre.

What is the duration of the ceremonies?
Each ceremony will last approximately an hour and a half.

What time should I arrive?
Please arrive at least an hour prior to your ceremony to provide adequate time to robe and have professional photography taken.

Are there any precautionary COVID-19 measures in place?
There will be no social distancing measures in place but we will continue to ask guests to sanitise hands where possible and any guests are allowed to continue to wear a mask if they wish. If the Covid-19 situation changes in the UK at the time of the ceremonies we may be required to make some changes. If this happens we will ensure we inform all graduates as soon as possible

Can I wear national dress or carry a flag on to the stage?
Wearing national dress is permitted underneath your robe. However, bringing anything onto the stage such as a flag or a banner to display as you cross is not allowed and we kindly ask that you refrain from bringing anything of this nature into the auditorium as items may be confiscated until the end of the ceremony. If you need clarification please email graduation@roehampton.ac.uk or ask a steward on the day.

I have guests who will be coming from outside the UK, can I receive a letter to assist with their Visa application?
The email invitation is the only official documentation provided by the University. Please print off your invitation and bring it, along with a personal letter to your embassy or consulate. Please contact your embassy for further information.

I do NOT want to attend graduation; should I inform you?
If you do not wish to attend your graduation ceremony, you need do nothing. If you have not already received it, Registry will post your certificate to your home or permanent address. For all further enquiries regarding certificates, email the Registry Team.

Can I attend graduation at a later date?
If you are not able to attend your graduation ceremony, you can defer to a later ceremony date. Please complete the online deferral form to request this.

What are the prices of the tickets?
As a graduate, your student ticket is free. The price of a guest ticket is £38 per adult and £12 per child aged sixteen and under. We have a limited availability of box seats available at £45 per ticket. Children aged one and under do not require a ticket but will not be allocated to a seat. Tickets include entrance to a reception following the ceremony. The guest ticket prices reflect  the venue and operating costs and enables us to offer free tickets to all our graduates.

Where can I purchase my tickets?
Student tickets are booked via our graduation partner, Marston. Guest tickets are booked directly through the Southbank Centre. The number of tickets that a student can book will be inlcuded in the invitation email. Students can apply for additional tickets should these become available.

You can find a step-by-step booking guide here.

When will I receive my tickets?
Tickets will be provided in an e-ticket format. You will need to bring this with you on the day to gain access to the building and auditorium.

Can provisions be made for graduates or guests with individual requirements / disabilities?
If you have any special requirements for seating or your presentation, you should inform the Graduation Office as soon as possible. If any of your guests have any accessibility needs or special requirements, please contact the Southbank Centre. If we are not made aware of any special requirements in advance, we may be unable to meet them on the day.

When will I receive my certificate?
Your certificate will not be presented to you at the ceremony. Certificates are dispatched by the Registry Team on a monthly basis following the awards boards. It is therefore very important that your permanent address is kept up to date at all times of the year through the Student Portal.

I have already received my Award Certificate in the post. Do I need to bring it with me for my ceremony?
No, you are not required to bring your certificate with you to your graduation ceremony.

Where will I and my guests be seated during the ceremony?
All students and guests will be given specific seat numbers. Students are seated separately from their guest(s). If you intend to bring children with you, please ensure there is an adult guest they can be seated with during the ceremony.
Students, please present your e-ticket to the steward of your assigned row. You must sit in the seat number you have been allocated to unless you are asked to change by a steward.

How do I get there?
Please visit the Southbank Centre website for specific information. The closest station is London Waterloo and from there it is a three minute walk to the venue.

Am I able to leave early?
We ask that you do not leave the ceremony before the end unless there is an emergency. After the ceremony you may choose whether or not to attend the reception.

Are children allowed to attend the ceremony?

All children above the age of one will be required to have a ticket for the ceremony. Children under one are admitted free of charge but will be expected to sit on the lap of their parent/carer. All children must be accompanied by a guest that can care for them throughout the ceremony. Children are not permitted to sit with students unless under exceptional circumstances previously agreed with the Graduation Office.

How do I hire/purchase academic gowns?
To hire or purchase robes, you must use the university’s official external robing company, Marston. Contact details will be provided here once ticket and gown sales are open.

Will there be official photographers?
Yes, official photographers will be available to take individual photographs before and/or after each ceremony. Please visit the Please visit the Marston website who are our photography and gown supplier. An official photographer will take photographs of each student crossing the stage, which will available to purchase after the ceremony.

Can I take my own photographs during the ceremony?
Yes, but please be aware that students or parents moving out of their seats to take video films and photographs is not permitted during the ceremonies.

Do I have to pre-book official photography or can I book on the day?
If you do not pre-order you may still have your photograph taken as it is possible to order and pay on the day of your graduation ceremony.

Can I purchase any merchandise?
If you wish to purchase personalised merchandise, please visit the Campus Clothing store.

Will there be parking available?
Please visit Southbank Centre’s parking page for more information. Public transport is the quickest way to travel to the venue but if a car is necessary the venue can provide this information.

Can I continue to receive Careers support once I graduate?

The University provides careers support for life for our graduates. You have lifetime access to Careerlink so ensure that you log on and change your email address and password once you leave Roehampton. Please visit our careers site or call 020 8392 3573 for further advice.

I am interested in doing a postgraduate degree, are there any discounts?

There are many Alumni Services and Benefits that you can take advantage of, one of which is a 20% discount on tuition fees for further study at the University of Roehampton.

Will the University keep in touch with me after I graduate?

Yes! Here at the University of Roehampton we are proud to say that we strive to build lifelong partnerships with our students. When you graduate you automatically become part of our global alumni community which allows you to easily maintain close contact with the University. You will receive our Alumni newsletters and emails and event information from our social channels.

As a former Roehampton student, you can use our website to update your details, register for events and much more. There will also be opportunities for you to get involved and give back to the University.