Roehampton Alumna campaigns for children’s education at global charity, Theirworld

  • Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Jessica Bryant, a Roehampton alumna, is International Media Manager campaigning for children’s education at the charity Theirworld, led by Sarah Brown. 

In 2008, Jessica graduated with a degree in Criminology and Sociology from the University of Roehampton. In 2011, she returned to Roehampton on the MA Human Rights an International Relations course. During the MA, she took a work placement with BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development charity using the power of media to help reduce poverty and support people in understanding their rights.

Jessica said “In considering my career, I was interested in going into law, or being a probation officer or social worker. Being an MA student opened doors to meet people in the human rights field. Working at BBC Media Action, inspired my MA thesis looking at child protection in emergencies and the role of communication to prevent child trafficking in conflict and natural disasters.”

She also gained experience in the fundraising team for the charity, Save the Children. After graduation, she worked on the global campaign, Enough Food for Everyone IF and then became an assistant to the new Global Media Unit.

Jessica said “One of my most life-changing experiences was at Save the Children on a trip to Jordan to train our regional teams on media and multimedia. I went to a Zaatari refugee camp to gather stories of young girls for an early marriage report and it made me even more determined to help make children's lives better.”

In 2014, she led internal communications planning for the global campaign Every Last Child. She went to Nairobi, Kenya and led a training workshop with international offices for campaign planning at a national level.

At Theirworld, Jessica works with her journalist network highlighting the charity’s global campaigns, research and projects ranging from education in emergencies for Syrian refugees to empowering young girls and women across Africa with technology skills. She has travelled to meet children in Kenya, Uganda, and Lebanon to tell their stories.

Jessica said: “I love having the opportunity to tell people's stories through a powerful narrative to make the public and decision makers listen and take action. We campaign at a global and local level to ensure that all children have access to quality education and get the best start in life.”

On advice to students she said “It is a competitive industry, but don't give up at the first hurdle. Gain experience, be flexible, and build your skillsets. Having a mentor is a great asset. Also, if you meet people who already work in the industry, you can find out about potential opportunities.”

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