Roehampton Criminologist releases first of its kind book on family criminology

  • Tuesday, September 28, 2021

‘Family Criminology: An Introduction’ puts family life at the centre of thinking about criminal justice

Image - Roehampton Criminologist releases first of its kind book on family criminology

Reader of Criminology at the University of Roehampton, Dr Amanda Holt, has released a new book entitled ‘Family Criminology: An Introduction’.

This new insight into family criminology aims to forge a new discipline in the field, and is the first academic resource of its kind to focus purely on the family through a criminological lens.

Instead of simply focusing on families and parenting being the cause of crime, or how they can be utilised as a rehabilitation method, the book aims to refocus criminological thinking on the first hand experiences and needs of families, and the impact that crime and the criminal justice system has on them.

While familial relations have a stronger foundation in the thinking of other social sciences such as psychology and sociology, Dr Holt aims to forge a new sub-discipline and bring all the facets of family life and crime together so that the needs of families can be put first and at the centre of thinking around crime and criminal justice.

On the release, Dr Amanda Holt said:

“I’m very proud of this book as it brings together, for the first time, the many disparate strands of research on families and crime from across the spectrum of criminological scholarship. In doing so, I hope it makes readers think about families and crime in a different way – not as a ‘tool’ for crime control or as a site of ‘collateral damage’ in the pursuit of justice – but as a group of people who have their own individual and familial needs – needs that should be recognised and responded to both inside and outside of the criminal justice system.”

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