Roehampton Historian Advises on New West End Play

  • Monday, September 26, 2022

Caroline Sharples, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Roehampton has been providing historical context for a new West End production of Good starring former Doctor Who actor David Tennant.

The play, written C.P. Taylor, is set in Frankfurt during the Third Reich, and traces the story of John Halder, a decent, cultured professor of German literature, as he becomes caught up in the Nazi onslaught.


Image - Roehampton Historian Advises on New West End Play

Dr Sharples was invited to talk to the company about the rise of National Socialism, the impact of antisemitic policy on Frankfurt and the general social and cultural situation in 1930s Germany.

'This is a play that traverses several key moments during the Nazi regime and questions what it takes to remain "good" in the face of mounting terror', she explains. 'It invites us to think about what we would do in such a dreadful situation, and offers important lessons about how events like the Holocaust could become possible. It is a warning from history.'

Caroline has published widely on the legacy of the Third Reich, Nazi war crimes trials and perpetrator commemoration, and teaches modules at Roehampton on Nazi Germany and representations of the Holocaust. She describes this recent experience as 'truly thrilling'.

'It has been an amazing experience to work alongside with the cast of Good. I was so excited to have this opportunity to share my knowledge of the period - and I cannot wait to see how the play transfers from page to stage!'

This new production of Good is led by the Olivier Award-winning director Dominic Cooke and also stars acclaimed actors Sharon Small and Elliot Levey. It opens at the Harold Pinter on 6 October and will run for eleven weeks. Tickets are available through the theatre box office here.