Roehampton Joins SENSS: Unlocking Social Sciences PhD Opportunities

  • Thursday, November 23, 2023

The University of Roehampton is a proud member of the SENSS, the South and East Network for Social Sciences. The network has just been accredited as a Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) by the Economic & Social Research Council, which means that Roehampton is among those universities whose students are eligible for government-funded PhD studentships in social sciences.

Image - Roehampton Joins SENSS: Unlocking Social Sciences PhD Opportunities

SENSS is built on three commitments, each of which also underpins the wider mission of The University of Roehampton.

The first is to genuinely interdisciplinary research. SENSS is structured by themes, not disciplines, and our choice of six interdisciplinary themes – for example, Sustainability & Climate Emergency, Digital Social Sciences, and Health, Well-Being & Social Care – is such that every SENSS-funded researcher will be working in one of UK Research & Innovation's priority areas.

The second is to equality, diversity and inclusivity. Building on partners' strong records in widening participation, SENSS aspires to be the DTP of choice for those from underrepresented backgrounds, such as BAME applicants or those with significant caring responsibilities.

The third is to be at the heart of our communities: local, regional, national, and international – and their attempts to solve the hardest problems facing society today. This civic character is reflected in our universities' strong links with industry, government, and the voluntary sector, and our pledge to offer all SENSS-funded researchers an external placement.

Reflecting on this announcement, Professor Ted Vallance, Director of Research and Doctoral Study, commented:

‘The establishment of the South and East Network for Social Sciences will make a critical contribution to ensuring that doctoral research and training meets the needs of our society and economy now and in the future. SENSS’s research themes address issues of vital importance, from tackling the climate emergency to supporting health and wellbeing. SENSS commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion complements Roehampton’s mission to improve access and participation in postgraduate research by students from underrepresented backgrounds. We are proud to be part of this doctoral training partnership and look forward to working with prospective students to help them make the most of the excellent opportunities for research in the social sciences that SENSS offers.’

SENSS brings the University of Roehampton together with seven other partners: City University, Cranfield University, the University of East Anglia, the University of Essex, Goldsmiths, University of London, the University of Lincoln and Middlesex University. The first cohort of SENSS-funded students will begin their research in October 2024. To find out more about this exciting new network should visit the SENSS website

Information on internal deadlines will be shared with relevant staff accordingly, applicants will be required to complete both a Roehampton application and the SeNSS application. Information on applying for a SENSS studentship at Roehampton can be found here