Roehampton Lecturer, Dr Alison Murray, becomes new Ambassador of the Children’s Alliance

  • Thursday, September 29, 2022

Alison Murray, Senior Lecturer in Physical Education at the University of Roehampton has been appointed as an ambassador of Children’s Alliance, with twin sister Dr Pamela Murray of the University of Worcester.

Children’s Alliance is an organisation which seeks to support children from their early years to young adulthood. The organisation has collaborated with a range of specialists and practitioners from various backgrounds to explore how to make a positive contribution to children’s lives.

Image - Roehampton Lecturer, Dr Alison Murray, becomes new Ambassador of the Children’s Alliance

Alison is part of a proactive body of colleagues who, under the guidance of lead author Helen Clark, have collaborated to produce a series of reports to levy and guide government action around child and youth wellbeing. This research covers; Family and CommunityThe Mental Health of Children and Young People, The Health and Wellbeing of Children in the Early Years and The Physical Health of Children and Young People

The aim of the research is to broaden politician’s awareness of the health and wellbeing issues currently facing children in the UK. Such as the detrimental impact of inadequate physical activity, poorly recognised mental health issues, or socio-economic and cultural inequalities. The cost of living in the UK is more than 10% higher that it was a year ago, as reported by the BBC, and this rise in inflation will impact families with children and young people.

The Children's Alliance will work with ambassadors for the creation of a ministerial position dedicated to the health and wellbeing of children and young people. On 7th September, the Children’s Alliance Reception, hosted by the Right Honourable Anna Firth MP, was held at the Palace of Westminster.

Alison said: “This was a momentous and indeed a meaningful occasion, I am humbled and delighted to support our efforts as a new ambassador for our exciting and proactive way forward.”