Immigration problems

What happens if your application is refused?

If your visa application is refused, you will be asked to e-mail your refusal notice to so we can advise you further.

Visa/BRP information incorrect

If you find that the details on your visa or BRP card are incorrect (such as your name, start and end dates of your visa etc.), please contact

Our Tier 4 responsibilities

The University is constantly monitored by the Home Office to ensure we comply with the responsibilities and duties attached to our Tier 4 Sponsor Licence. They monitor us through CAS' we assign, student enrolments rates, student completion rates, reports submitted on changes regarding Tier 4 students, visa refusal rates, intelligence gathering and also through Home Office compliance visits.

Failure to meet the conditions of your Tier 4 Visa

If you do not meet the conditions of your visa, this may affect your immigration status and record and can be considered in future applications to enter/remain in the UK. This extends beyond Tier 4 applications. For example

  • If you breach the work conditions, UK Visas and Immigration can remove you from the UK and ban you from returning to the UK for a set period of time
  • If you try to claim benefits (public funds) you are not entitled to,  your application may be refused and you may be banned from the UK for at least 12 months or more
  • If you fail to register with the police or notify them of changes, the Home Office has the right to refuse future immigration applications or remove you from the UK

Lost immigration documents

You are encouraged to keep copies of your passport, visa stamp, or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and copies of all correspondence with the Home Office.


If your passport is stolen or you lose it,  you should report this to the police,obtain a police report or crime reference number and apply for a replacement passport through your country's High Commission or Embassy in the country you are in. It may take some time to receive your new passport. Once received, the university will be required to take a  copy of your new passport and your details will be updated on the Student Records System.

Visa Stamp (Vignette)

If you are outside the UK the Home Office states that you should make a Tier 4 application in the country and pay the full application fee. You do not require a CAS but the Entry Clearance Officer may require supporting evidence for your application.

If you are inside the UK you should apply to transfer your visa to your new passport. This can take quite some time so if you are leaving the UK permanently soon, a new application may not be required.


If your BRP card is stolen or lost, you must report this to the police who will provide you with a report. You will also need to email the Home Office and notify the Immigration Officer at Roehampton. You can email the Home Office about your lost or stole passport at:

If you lose your BRP outside the UK apply for a single entry visa to re-enter the UK and within one month of your return, apply for a replacement BRP, unless your permission to stay in the UK is due to expire within four weeks.

If you are within the UK apply and pay for a replacement BRP within three months of the date you notified the Home Office unless your permission to stay in the UK expires within four weeks.The application can take some time so it is important not to make any travel plans.