When you arrive

When you arrive to the UK, you must register by the latest acceptance dates listed on your CAS. If you hold a Tier 4 visa, you will not be registered until you attend an ID Check.

The following documents will be verified and copies at the ID Check:

  • Passport
  • Visa/ BRP Card - Your Tier 4 (General) Student visa will only be valid for you to study here if it sponsored by Roehampton University and it shows our Sponsor Licence number (F1H3G2RW3)
  • Qualifications listed on your CAS (including English language test certificates)

Please ensure that you have the originals of these documents or certified copies when you register to avoid any delays in your registration.

If you have a Tier 4 (General) Student visa issued for studying at another institution, you will need to apply to the Home Office to change your visa before you can complete your registration at Roehampton University. We advise you do this well ahead of time.

Circumstances in which the University will not permit a student to commence their studies:

  • Where a student holds a Tier 4 visa sponsored by another institution and has not made a new Tier 4 application using a Roehampton University CAS
  • Where a student has entered the UK as a tourist/visitor
  • Where a student has entered the UK as a student visitor in order to start a course that is longer than 6 months
  • Where a student has no evidence of their immigration status or valid permission to be in the UK

If you do not register within the specified enrolment period, we will report your non-enrolment to the UK Border Agency. If a visa has been issued to you, this visa will be cancelled and the University will withdraw its sponsorship.

Your responsibilities

If you are coming to or remaining in the UK as a Tier 4 student under Roehampton University sponsorship, your responsibilities are as follows:

  • Contact Details: You are required to provide us with your UK contact details (address, mobile).
  • Registration: Register for your programme in time each academic year.
  • Attendance: You are required to fully attend all lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical classes and engage on your programme. Your attendance and engagement will be monitored but the University on a regular basis. If concerns are raised regarding your absence, you will be sent written warnings. If concerns remain, you may be withdrawn and University sponsorship of your visa will be cancelled. This will normally lead to your visa being curtailed by the Home Office and you will be required to return to your home country.
  • Absence: You must ensure that you notify your department of any absences (medical or personal). Failure to do so could lead to further action and possible withdrawal from your programme.
  • Change of Circumstances: You are required to follow University processes if you decide that you wish to defer, suspend or withdraw from your studies. You should also inform the Immigration Officer if you move to another immigration category.
  • Ending Sponsorship: If you defer or suspend your studies, or withdraw from your programme or you are programme terminated, you must return home.
  • Any other changes: You must ensure that you inform the University of any changes that may affect your visa status in the UK.


It is essential to remember that it is your responsibility to make sure you fully understand and meet the UK immigration requirements. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site; however you are required to refer to the information provided by UK Border Agency and note it overrides any other immigration information you may read on these webpages.