Sport and Exercise Physiology Laboratory

Image -  Sport and Exercise Physiology Laboratory

Walk-in environmental chamber

  • A purpose built climatic-controlled environmental chamber to investigate exercise performed in hot and cold environments.
  • The facility is spacious enough for simultaneous assessment and capable of testing a wide-range of environmental conditions (0 - 40ºC, 10 – 90% relative humidity).

Lactate Threshold and metabolic testing

  • Our laboratory is well-equipped for the physiological assessment or testing of a wide-range of physical and sporting activities.
  • This includes measuring lactate threshold, VO2 max, and speed of power output for improving athletic performance.
  • We have a range of cycle ergometers (Lode, Monark and Watt) and treadmills (Woodway, Powerjog) as well as more specific ergometers (Concept rowing ergometer, Kayak ergometer).

Physiological assessment equipment

  • Equipment for both laboratory and field-based physiological assessment, including a wide-range of respiratory variables. This includes portable and fixed online gas analysis, multiple Douglas bag set-ups, spirometry for pulmonary function, and blood parameters (capillary and venous analysis) in and out of the laboratory.
  • We also have a BodPod which measures the proportion of total fat mass and lean body mass represents an individual's body composition.