MSc Psychology of Sport and Exercise student wins two medals at the Commonwealth Games

  • Monday, August 15, 2022

Alison Waters won silver medals in the Women’s category and in the Mixed category for Squash.

Image - MSc Psychology of Sport and Exercise student wins two medals at the Commonwealth Games

The Roehampton student started in 2021 and was granted a Sport Scholarship which provides financial, wellbeing and sport-specific support that allows students to combine studies and elite sport performance.

From day one, Alison was committed to the University Squash Programme at Roehampton and received plenty of encouragement from her lecturers. This Programme supports players playing at national and international level to combine academic studies alongside elite squash performance. 

James Ayres, Sport Roehampton Manager, said: “Alison has been a fantastic role model for other members of the University team this year providing valuable coaching and mentoring support.”

Alison had amazing game partners. She played Mixed category alongside Adrian Waller and Women’s category alongside Sarah-Jane Perry. They all share the joy and excitement of these achievements.    

Alison said: “[I’m] so pleased to have won two silver medals in my 5th commonwealth games. To have a home games was amazing and thank you to everyone for all the incredible support. Now I have two weeks to finish my dissertation!”

The Squash Programme at Roehampton has supported many high-calibre players including Yathreb Adel (career high of 13 in world), Oli Pett (56 in world), Tiago Goriely and Aaron Allpress. Players have access to high class coaching and support from our partners, Wimbledon Squash and Rackets club and The Roehampton club. 

Roehampton has a variety of sports and active communities. These are open to all - from complete beginners to experienced athletes - and most offer the chance to compete for the University and receive coached and recreational sessions.