Should we all go gluten free? Roehampton academic and alumna shed some light on the topic

  • Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Dr Yvonne Jeanes appeared on Rhiannon Lambert's popular podcast, Food for Thought, to discuss avoiding gluten in your diet.

Image - Should we all go gluten free? Roehampton academic and alumna shed some light on the topic

Rhiannon Lambert, Roehampton alumna and bestselling author hosted Dr Yvonne Jeanes on her podcast on 23 December 2019. Rhiannon studied at Roehampton from 2010-2014, completing BSc Nutrition and Health and then MSc Obesity, Risks and Prevention. She was taught Clinical Nutrition by Dr Jeanes. Rhiannon has since become a leading nutritionist. Her previous podcast guests have included Take That’s lead singer Gary Barlow, TV presenter Fearne Cotton, five-time snooker world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan, dietetics expert Professor Kevin Whelan and leading geneticist Dr Giles Yeo.

Dr Jeanes is a dietitian and researcher who specialises in the realities of eating a gluten free diet. She has published papers exploring the practicalities of following a gluten free diet and the lack of gluten-free alternatives in budget stores, as previously reported on the Roehampton website, and has presented at international conferences. She will be addressing the British Dietetic Association Gastroenterology study day in February.

Rhiannon said, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Roehampton University as an undergraduate and post graduate student. The lecturers were supportive and always had time for any questions I had. As a registered nutritionist and now founder of my own business, Rhitrition, this time period was essential for me to be introduced into the world of evidence-based science and to have a good foundation of public health nutrition’.

Dr Jeanes said, ‘Many gluten free foods cannot be found in budget stores, which could be a real issue for some people with coeliac disease who have to follow a gluten free diet. Not all adults and children with coeliac disease can access gluten free breads through prescriptions– it depends on where you live!’

The podcast, titled ‘Should we be gluten free?’, is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and Castbox.

The University of Roehampton is ranked 5th in London for BSc Nutrition and Health (Complete University Guide 2020). We also offer an MSc Clinical Nutrition for postgraduate students.