Biomechanics Laboratory

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Advanced optical motion analysis systems (Vicon and Peak Motus)

A state-of-the-art Vicon motion analysis system, with multiple high-resolution cameras and the most updated video management software, is available. We have Body Builder software which allows easy and quick implementation of biomechanical models. The system can be synchronised with the force plates to determine joint torques, work and power. Moreover, the Peak Motus 3-D motion analysis system is available for motion tracking using ordinary cameras. This system can also be used outside the laboratory.

Kistler force plates

Three force plates are mounted in the floor in a flexible manner, and can be used to measure ground reaction forces in three dimensions and centre of pressure.

Biometrics Electromyography, Goniometers and 3D Accelerometers:

Muscle activity data are collected by the Biometrics advanced electromyography system, and body motions by goniometers and accelerometers. This equipment is complemented by a portable data logger and software for real-time display and analysis.



Motion Tracking Sensors

The laboratory has Fastrak electromagnetic motion sensors which provide real-time kinematic data using custom software developed by our research team. We also have a number of other motion sensors (accelerometers and inertial sensors with accelerometry, gyroscopes and magnetometers in-built) which are based on inertial technologies, and unlike the Fastrak, some of our inertial sensors are wireless so that their applications are not restricted by cables.

RS FootScan Plate

The pressure plate allows accurate acquisition of foot pressure data at high sampling rate and an in depth analysis of the pressure distribution.

Humac Norm Dynamometer

The laboratory is equipped with a Humac Norm dynamometer enabling isometric and isokinetic strength testing of muscles that create joint movement.