Teach Your Monster to Read played over 60 million times

  • Monday, October 22, 2018

Teach Your Monster to Read, the award-winning children's reading app created in partnership with academics from the Roehampton School of Education, has become the most popular free app in Apple iTunes.

Image - Teach Your Monster to Read played over 60 million times

Angela Colvert, from Roehampton's School of Education, is a lead academic advisor in the project team that created the Children’s BAFTA-nominated app, a series of hugely successful games which support children’s early reading.

In September 2018, Teach Your Monster to Read became the most popular free children’s app on the apply iTunes store in the UK and USA, and was downloaded 2 million times globally.

Since the app was created, it has been played more than 63.1 million times, with over 3.9 million plays in September 2018 alone.

With a strong focus on developing children's skills in reading more fluently and for meaning, the games build children’s knowledge of pronunciation and spelling, working with any phonics scheme. It's now used in preschool, primary schools and kindergartens as an interactive teaching resource.