University of Roehampton working with the Royal Historical Society to award a fellowship to a scholar fleeing the war in Ukraine

The University of Roehampton has recently been awarded funding to support a scholar from Ukraine who has fled the country. The Royal Historical Society launched the ‘Ukraine 'Scholars at Risk' programme in March 2022 to support Ukrainian historians and Slavonic and East European Studies (SEES) specialists who are unable to continue their work at home universities.

The University was chosen as one of seven institutions to receive the funding to award fellowships to support Ukrainian scholars fleeing the war.

The University of Roehampton has been granted funding to support a ‘general history’ fellowship, supported by the Royal Historical Society and the Past & Present Society. The fellowship has been match funded through support via the Roehampton University Sacred Heart (RUSH) fund.

Professor Ted Vallance, from the University of Roehampton said: “We are delighted to have been chosen by the Royal Historical Society to take part in this programme and grateful to the Society of the Sacred Heart for co-funding this fellowship. We are proud to beable to support an academic from Ukraine to help them continue their research in a place of safety. We look forward to welcoming them to Roehampton.”

Professor Emma Griffin, President of the Royal Historical Society, said: "The Royal Historical Society is delighted to be part of the Ukraine fellowships programme, and to have worked so collaboratively and effectively with other learned societies of history and area studies.

“We hope these placements offer refuge for scholars driven from their home universities in recent months.”

The seven recipients will take up their positions at UK and European universities very shortly, with several more fellowships expected to follow in the near future.