Complete University Guide 2023 Results Revealed

The results from the Complete University Guide 2023 have been revealed, with the University of Roehampton rising in rankings in 18 different subject areas

Roehampton performed well against other London institutions in a number of subject areas:

  • Accountancy and Finance is ranked 1 out of 9 modern universities
  • Biomedical Science is ranked 1 out of 7 modern universities, and 5 out of a total of 11 universities in London
  • Education is ranked 4 out of 12 London institutions
  • Marketing is ranked 5 out of 17 London institutions.

The University saw improvements in rankings in 18 out of the 23 subject tables in which it features compared to 2022. Some of the biggest improvements were:

  • Communications and Media Studies is ranked 35 overall, an increase of 46 places
  • Marketing is ranked 39 overall, an increase of 40 places
  • Accountancy and Finance is ranked 52 overall, an increase of 18 places
  • Roehampton is now in ranked in the top half of institutions in 10 subject areas, compared to three in the 2022 table.

To see a full breakdown of the rankings, visit the Compete University Guide.