University of Roehampton London Film Students Debut Final Projects at British Film Institute

  • Monday, May 15, 2023
Image - University of Roehampton London Film Students Debut Final Projects at British Film Institute

The University of Roehampton London’s BA Film students are set to have their films screened at the British Film Institute on Wednesday, 17 May. This screening marks the 22nd annual graduation screening for the course, highlighting the hard work and dedication by the students over the past year.

The first half of the event will highlight a variety of selected work from modules such as MA Screenwriting, Experimental Film, and Contemporary Documentary Storytelling. These films demonstrate the development of the students’ creative identities and individual visions, as they work to a range of briefs as solo or small group practitioners.

The screening will conclude with the premiere of four graduation films, which are the results of months of dedication and collaboration, demonstrating the students’ ability to overcome challenges, raise funds, and shoot on location abroad to bring their visions to life. This event is a fitting celebration of the skills these students have gained and the creative aspirations they hold.

The BA Film course offers advanced and practical production training and experience, while also providing a critical understanding of storytelling and film language. The students have been supported by experienced teachers and practitioners throughout their final year, resulting in an impressive line-up of films.

Alexandra Sage, senior lecturer on the course said, "The students have worked incredibly hard to produce these films. They have overcome significant obstacles and demonstrated great commitment to their craft. We are immensely proud of them and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

“Special thanks go to all the BA Film staff and the technical team, as well as to guest lecturer and filmmaker Mark Craig, whose input has been invaluable. I’d also like to thank the actors and contributors who have helped make these films possible.”

The line-up for the showcase consists of:

Inconvenience Store (15 Mins)

Two opposing corner shop clerks are challenged to work their first night shift. The boredom of the shift, however, isn’t their only challenge as the strangers of the night come out.

Cinematographer: Domink Danski
Sound Recordist: Cosmin Gabriel Ciocan
Editor: Jack Martin & Matt Joel Euston
Producer: Pamela Sledzik
Writer & Director: Matt Joel Euston

Jack Martin as Jack
Gabriella Fitzgerald as Ellie
Hannah Dormer as Veronica
Ian Crosson as Boss Man
Blair Plant as Egg Man
Matt Joel Euston as Homeless Man

Dream Of Me (16 mins)

A surreal tale of a young woman adamant about solving the death of her late boyfriend, every bizarre clue pointing closer and closer to home

Cinematographer: Brian D Souza
Sound Recordist: Jack Martin
Editor: Domink Danski & Matthew Sutton
Producer: Kinga Kay
Wirter and Director: Matthew Sutton

Sasha Bystrzhitskaya as Ramona
Leslie Osborne as Beatire
Trevor Reese as Trevor
Matt Joel Euston as The Mortician
Andrew Theobald as Chief Constable Jamerson
Dominik Danski as Unsee Officer

Quests On Broken Paths (16 mins)

After the death of her grandpa, a young woman tries to uncover what it was like for him to move from the north of Norway down to Solo in the 1960s, through archive and conversations with family.

Cinematographer: Marva Gregorio De Souza
Sound Recordist: Nora Corneliussen
Editor: Brian D Souza
Producer: Nora Corneliussen & Marva Gregorio De Souza
Director: Nora Corneliussen

Greater Than Us (25 Mins)

A lyrical documentary about Nartë, a Greek village in Albania, that has seen a sharp decline in its population. We hear the heartfelt thoughts of those who left, returned and remained, as the questions of Nartë’s survival is posed.

Cinematographer: Rai Gega
Camera Assistant: Vasil Karavoqiri
Sound Recordist: Lorent Mulhaxha
Sound Design: Marva Gregorio De Souza & Rai Gega
Editor: Marva Gregorio De Souza
Producer: Rai Gega and Lorent Mulhaxha
Director: Rai Gega