Roehampton's Dr Chris Tyler features on the BBC podcast, Cold Therapy with Michael Mosley

In each episode, Dr Michael Mosley explains the benefits of the cold and the science behind how it can enhance your health and wellbeing. The series consists of 5 episodes: Colder Room, Cold Recovery, Cold Exercise, Cold Water Swim and Sleep and the Cold, covering a wide range of topics from how cold-water swimming can boost your mood and potentially improve brain health to how your sleep can be improved with the cold.

Dr Chris Tyler features on Episode 3, Cold Exercise. This episode discusses the body’s responses to exercise in the cold and how/why exercising in the cold might be able to help you run further, work harder for longer and get fit quicker. Chris has carried out research on how and why our body reacts differently to the cold. Chris has worked with cyclists, runners, and Formula 1 racing drivers, studying how their health and performance can be improved (or impaired) in hot and cold environments.

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