Roehampton to welcome British Airways, Enterprise, and Frontline as headline speakers for Employability Week

  • Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The University of Roehampton is delighted to announce that over 100+ businesses, charities and employers will be supporting this year’s Employability Week which runs from 23 – 27 October 2023.

The week of events brings together industry experts, employer-led sessions, and informative talks, providing students with a unique opportunity to enhance their CVs and LinkedIn profiles, explore postgraduate study possibilities, and gain valuable insights for their future careers. Prominent events include live employer briefings from prestigious organisations like British Airways and Enterprise-Rent-a-Car, as well as a wide array of activities available to all students.

The result of a collaborative effort between our academic departments and the Careers and Placements team, Employability Week serves as a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a world of professional growth, offering:

Image - Roehampton to welcome British Airways, Enterprise, and Frontline as headline speakers for Employability Week

Informative Talks and Sessions

Throughout the week, students can attend a series of informative talks designed to inspire and empower them on their career journey. Whether seeking advice on unlocking their career potential or delving into the intricacies of graduate assessment centres, Employability Week offers comprehensive workshops and masterclasses. From honing CVs to mastering interview skills, these sessions are invaluable for personal and professional development.

Additionally, students will have the privilege to attend sessions led by seasoned professionals eager to share their insights and experiences. These professionals, including business leaders and legal experts, will provide invaluable knowledge, offering a unique opportunity to shape their career paths.

Live Employer Briefings: Unlocking Industry Secrets

Employability Week opens the door to students' curiosity about working for prestigious organisations like British Airways and Enterprise-Rent-a-Car. Live employer briefings bring students into the inner workings of these renowned companies. These sessions are open to all Roehampton students, offering a distinctive chance to work on real-life projects, learn from industry professionals, and even acquire a LinkedIn badge to enhance their profiles.

British Airways (Live Brief): Dive into the world of aviation with British Airways. Gain valuable knowledge, connections, and a LinkedIn badge to add to your CV. Sign up here.

Enterprise Rent A Car (Live Brief): Explore the inner workings of a multimillion-pound business and one of the UK's largest graduate recruiters. Enhance your CV and gain valuable insights. Sign up here.

Frontline (Live Brief): Hosted by England's largest social work charity, Frontline, this interactive session prepares students for assessment centers. Gain valuable knowledge, insights, and a LinkedIn badge to strengthen your CV. Sign up here.

Tailored School-Specific Events

Alongside University wide events, there are also school specific sessions designed to address subject level interests and career aspirations. Whether studying Life and Health Sciences, Business, Law, Education, Psychology, or Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, students will find tailored sessions addressing their unique needs.

A full timetable broken down by department will soon be available on Nest

Exploring Postgraduate Possibilities

For students considering postgraduate studies, Employability Week offers insights into postgraduate study tips and provides convenient drop-in sessions. It's a chance to dive into the exciting world of advanced education and explore how it can elevate your career prospects.

Prioritising Well-being

Employability Week recognises that well-being is an integral part of overall success. Events like the First Aid Course and Tennis and Multi Skills Activator Courses will be available for students.

Expanding Your Network

In addition to knowledge and skills, Employability Week offers students the opportunity to expand their professional network. They can connect with like-minded peers, engage with industry professionals, and forge connections that may open doors to exciting opportunities.

Please note that the schedule is packed with events, and the list above provides just a glimpse of what Employability Week has in store. The full range of opportunities available during Employability Week will be shared on Nest soon. Whether seeking career insights, professional networking, or skill-building sessions, Employability Week 2023 promises something for every student. It's a chance to invest in your future, so mark your calendars, prepare to engage, and embark on a journey of growth and success!


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