Password self-service

Everyone with a University of Roehampton IT account can use password self-service. You can use password self-service at any time if you forget your password, need to change your password, or are locked out of your account.

The security information you supply when you first log into your University of Roehampton IT account will be used to automatically register your account for Microsoft password self-service. Your security information will be used to set up your verification options.

Once your account has been registered you will be able to use the link below to change your password or unlock your account.

Verification options

We strongly recommend that everyone when providing their security information set up as many verification options as they can, so you have an alternative if a verification method does not work.

You MUST choose at least two verification options.

For example, users are advised to set up the Microsoft Authenticator App + set up your phone with phone call/text message + provide your personal email address + security questions.

Set up Security info from a sign-in page

If you need to change your verification options, go to

My Signs-ins page

Please note: you will need at least one of your verification options to be working in order to access this site and make changes.

Issues with Password Self Service

If none of your verification options are working. For example, your Authenticator App is not working as you have changed your phone number or phone you will need to contact the IT Department so we can enable you to update your security information.  Please note this will require you to provide further personal details so we can verify your identity.  See contact information below for how to report a problem.

Changing a known, working password

Use the link below to change your known, working password e.g. if you suspect it has been compromised or wish to change it to something easier to remember

Change a known password

Further advice

Password Self Service: How do I change or reset my password ?

Problems with new passwords

Contact information

Visit the Service Desk home page:

If you have a problem, submit a ticket by clicking "Report an issue"

Alternatively, you can live chat with a member of the ServiceDesk Team by clicking the "? Need Help" icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen: