PGCE Primary

Postgraduate School of Education

Train to be a primary school teacher at Roehampton, with its uniquely long heritage in teacher training and its commitment to Froebelian principals of education.

PGCE Primary

Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (EYFS/KS1) - course code X121

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (KS1/KS2) - course code 2F4W


1 year (full-time)

Number of Credits


Start date

September 2023

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Our Curriculum

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Do you want to inspire young people and help change lives? Would you like to enjoy a great starting salary and a rewarding career? Teaching offers all of this. Being able to educate and inspire future generations, seeing young children grow and develop with your help is unlike any other job. This one year programme will build your confidence in the classroom and will provide you with the subject knowledge to effectively teach the whole primary curriculum.

You will select an age group that you would like to focus on, and each of your modules will be tailored to the academic requirements or the different ways of teaching children of that particular age. All of your learning will ask you to reflect on your own experiences in your school placement with a consideration of current issues and research. These reflections will then allow you to review and adjust your teaching methods to improve your own practice.

As one of the UK’s leading and longest-running providers of teacher education, we can offer you the best foundation for a successful career in the profession. Completion of this one year course will provide you with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from one of the highest rated providers in the country. PGCE Primary at Roehampton will provide you with 60 credits towards a master's qualification.

This one year programme will build your confidence in the classroom and will provide you with the subject knowledge to effectively teach the whole primary curriculum.


In a 2023 report, Ofsted rated Roehampton's primary-age courses as "Outstanding". The inspection was conducted by nine of His Majesty’s inspectors and three Ofsted Inspectors. The University’s primary-age phase courses, that currently have 673 trainees, scored “Outstanding” for overall effectiveness, quality of education and training, leadership and management. You can read more here. 

How you'll learn

You will cover all of the National Curriculum Core and Foundation Subjects, examine learning across the curriculum and the relationship between the subjects in these two groups.

You will study a range of modules which will hone your expertise and effectiveness as a teacher. You will learn how to manage a classroom, how planning and preparation contribute to the effectiveness of your teaching, how best to work with parents and other adults, and gain an understanding of children’s behaviour.

Our subject rooms are set up to include resources you will find in a primary classroom environment. This is important for your full immersion into the school environment and familiarity with the way classrooms are structured, and the type of resources teachers need on a daily basis.


Two assessed teaching placements in our partner schools will provide you with invaluable hands-on work experience giving you the confidence for your future career and a better understanding of how teaching works in practice. The opportunity to review pedagogy in other schools is also provided.

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How you'll be assessed

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The three modules are covered during the year are:

Professional Studies
The Core Curriculum
The Wider Curriculum

Each is assessed through 100% attendance, completion of directed tasks and a written assignment. The Professional Studies assignment requires a critical analysis of how children learn focusing on a current priority in teaching, for example SEND, EAL and behaviour for learning. In the Core Curriculum, the focus will be on English, Maths or Science and you will plan a sequence of lessons which you will deliver relating to a current area of research in your subject. A written essay will then provide a rationale for your lessons and an evaluation of the learning which took place. The Wider Curriculum assessment allows you to focus on one foundation subject and plan a medium-term plan which you will then write a rationale for.

Career options

Graduates of PGCE Primary go into careers in teaching plus a number of our graduates go on to management and leadership roles within schools and other education settings, charity roles, policy advice, national assessment and curriculum development.

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Application Info

How to apply

There are still spaces on some of our PGCE programmes for September 2023. You can submit your application via this page. Please be aware however that the final interview day for 2023 entry will be 10 August, so your application will need to be submitted at least a week before that date.

For 2023 entry you can browse and filter all available courses on the Department for Education's site from 9am on 4 October 2022. You can also start your application from that date, but you will not be able to submit it until 9am on 11 October 2022.  We will invite our first candidates for interview in late October / early November.

Prior to these dates you can access a lot of useful information about all aspects of training to be a teacher on the Get Into Teaching website.

Course Codes

Whilst the PGCE Primary programme covers the 3-11 age phase, you need to choose a specialism pathway for your training and your two assessed placements will be in the chosen specialism age phases.

For Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (EYFS/KS1) - the course code is X121.
For Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (KS1/KS2) - the course code is 2F4W.

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Tuition fees and funding

September 2023 entry tuition fees

UK EU and International
£9,250 £16,500

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