Dance Movement Psychotherapy Introduction Course

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Dance Movement Psychotherapy Introduction Course
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Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) recognises body movement as an implicit and expressive instrument of communication and expression. DMP is a relational process in which client/s and therapist engage in an empathic creative process using body movement and dance to assist integration of emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual aspects of self.

DMP is practiced as individual and group therapy in settings such as health, education, social services and in private practice.

The profession is continually informed by research and by initiatives and projects that open up and extend the field of DMP practice.

The introductory day will involve a mixture of experiential and improvisational movement tasks, playful activity and discussion.

Areas of exploration will include: (i) developing an awareness of the interrelationship between mind, emotions and the body; (ii) how the art form of dance informs the psychotherapeutic process and; (iii) exploring assumptions and prejudices in our everyday verbal and non-verbal language.

Intended Audience

This day will be useful for anyone wishing to find out more about dance movement psychotherapy. It details how dance movement psychotherapists work in a variety of different settings.

It will be beneficial to those wishing to satisfy curiosity, and also enable those who may wish to consider training as a dance movement psychotherapist to reflect on their motivations and skills.

Participants will be expected to engage in experiential and improvisational movement tasks and small group discussions. Comfortable clothing should be worn for dance movement practice.


This day will provide an introduction to dance movement psychotherapy, specifically the integrative approach taught on the MA Programme at the University of Roehampton.

It is useful for anyone wishing to undertake training a subsequent career in dance movement psychotherapy and for those who would like to find out more about what is actually involved in practice.

An electonic certificate of attendance will be emailed on completion of the course.

Suggested Reading

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Professional Body

Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMPUK)
United Kingdom Council for Pscyhotherapy (UKCP) http:



Date: 6th April 2024

Time: 10am - 4.30pm