Dance Movement Psychotherapy Summer School

Our Summer School this year provides participants with the opportunity to experience an intensive 5 session experiential class within their chosen specialization. In addition we provide optional early evening sessions comprising of case studies and theory seminars. Our Summer School provides direct experiential learning about the Arts & Play Therapies MA Art  Programmes at the University of Roehampton. It is therefore of interest to anyone wishing to find out more about training in one of these disciplines as well as individuals wanting to explore their creativity in a unique environment. In addition this Summer School may be of interest to mental health professionals, dance practitioners, teachers and social workers etc. interested in learning more about these unique and creative forms of therapy. A degree of active participation will be expected from all participants who should therefore be prepared for a degree of personal disclosure, sharing and exploration.

Combining dance and movement expression within a psychotherapeutic frame, participants will be invited to experiment through a range of non-verbal and verbal expressions—movement, gesture, words, play, rhythm, storytelling and ritual. The main focus is to explore ways of linking body awareness with emotional awareness. 

Facilitated by four senior dance movement psychotherapy practitioners, this five-day summer school offers participants an insight into core aspects of the Roehampton University MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) programme and DMP practice. DMP has been part of the Arts and Play Therapies profile at Roehampton for 30 years and we offer a unique, integrative approach not available elsewhere. Our framework is located within biological, psychological and social understandings of embodiment that emphasise the moving body and meaning-making, along with constructive consideration of a range of theoretical models. This contrasts with programmes that provide training in one specific model of therapy. The Roehampton programme emphasises a critical consideration of different descriptions and explanations of bodies, human systems and therapeutic practices in different places and times. In the context of an individual person’s experiences, beliefs, values and different 'cultures', we actively promote a participatory ethic, self-reflexive practice and the ability for critical reflection on: creative processes, mutual influence and the construction of social and power differentials, in learning and in psychotherapy. 

Embodied practice and working with attention to the art of dance expression in psychotherapy is our central focus. Drawing from a range of professional practice experiences and frameworks, the tutors will introduce summer school participants to the creative role of curiosity and a 'not knowing' position, a respect for difference, and an appreciation of the effects of mutual influences in all relationships. We believe that focusing on the creative potential of individuals in relationship creates a sound ethical basis for psychotherapeutic work with others.

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Presented by

Geoffery Unkovich, Layla Smith, Gerry Harrison, Jenni de Knoop

Dance Movement Psychotherapy Timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10.00am - 4.00pm

Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Dance Movement Psychotherapy Dance Movement Psychotherapy Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Afternoon Plenary Session

Break 4.00 - 4.30pm


Lecture 4.30 - 5.30pm

Art, Imagination and the Unconscious - Case Studies

Music Therapy Case Study

Voice and the  austistic self: an exploration into how non-verbal voicework in music therapy can support intersubjective  relatedness

Dance Movement Psychotherapy Case Study

The Value of Being Remembered: Dance Movement Psychotherapy in Adult Inpatient Rehabilitation

Arts & Play Therapies MA & Training  

Grigorios Tzouras

Tina Warnock Jenni De Knoop  Geoffery Unkovich  

Location and booking information

Date 29/07/2019 - 02/08/2019
Time 10:00am
Duration Five days
Price Early Bird £585 (£615 after April 26th 2019)
Payment Places are awarded on a "first paid first serve" basis due to demand
Venue Whitelands College, University of Roehampton
Directions View
Address Froebel College, University of Roehampton, London SW15 5PJ

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