Science Museum experiments will show how people's personalities influence their perception

  • Thursday, October 13, 2016

Visitors to London's renowned Science Museum are helping University of Roehampton researchers uncover how people's personality relates to their unique perception of the world around them.

Image - Science Museum experiments will show how people's personalities influence their perception

The team of researchers led by Dr Margot Crossman and Dr Jen Mayer will be conducting experiments throughout October as part of the Live Science project.

This marks the second year that the Department of Psychology has held a residency at the Science Museum. The study will show the relationship between people's personality and aspects of their smell, vision, hearing and emotional processing.

Volunteers who take part in the study will answer questions relating to their personality and behaviour and then take four different tests of perception to gain a deeper insight into how they uniquely perceive the world. Data is expected to be collected from about 1,000 visitors.

Dr Margot Crossman said: "This is a very exciting Science Museum Residency to engage people from all over the world to bring our research to life and to help them find out more about themselves at the same time. The aim of the study is to determine how aspects of personality and behaviour are related to people’s vision, hearing and sense of smell."

The team of researchers also include Dr Jon Silas (Middlesex University) along with Roehampton Psychology undergraduates who will be gain hands-on experience for their future careers by interacting with the public, administering the experiments and collating and analysing the data.

To find out more about the experiment and visiting hours, please visit the Science Museum website.

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