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Drama Results

Profile 4* 3* 2* 1* u/c
Overall 58 29 9 4 0
Outputs 42.4 36.4 15.1 6.1 0
Impact 100 0 0 0 0
Environment 50 50 0 0 0

Case Studies

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Audio Drama

Graham White

Professor Graham White’s body of adapted and original audio dramas, broadcast by BBC Radio, have drawn on the performative elements of audio dramaturgy to explore the problematics of witnessing, memory and historical knowledge in a medium which engages with public, professional and non academic audiences. This research has enriched, expanded and preserved public engagement with cultural memory, heritage, and science for the dramas’ audiences of circa 20 million individual listeners. The research has also led to innovations in broadcasting practice, utilising new technologies, changing the practice of broadcasting and media professionals at the BBC.

Doing Time

Adrian Heathfield

Professor Adrian Heathfield’s research of Teching Hsieh’s work led to the curation of Doing Time, at the Taiwan Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale. This exhibition was attended by 101,805 international spectators and has had a significant influence on museum-based global curatorial practice with performance archives. This research has informed public understanding of Teching Hsieh’s works, performance art histories and their personal and cultural resonances. Heathfield’s research has also extended the global influence of Taiwanese artistic practices, the advancement of cultural exchange, and the cultural diversification of art world understandings of performance art histories, whilst increasing the Taipei Fine Arts Museum’s (TFAM) global renown, curatorial practice and pavilion commissioning.

image of art exhibition doing time